The Early Word Podcast

12 newly edited episodes now live

hosted by Belinda Meyers

We’ve edited our recent podcasts into 12 separate short form podcasts that you can listen to quickly and gain great insights into our sector.
Interviews with sector leaders and successful operators allow your knowledge to grow. Plus, there’s Hayley’s Hacks for tips on how you can get the most from ChildHR.


Sjaan Mathiou, Mathiou Services

Mathiou Services is a family-owned building, construction and maintenance business supporting the early learning sector. General Manager Sjaan Mathiou joined us on the podcast with tips and and aadvice on safety and risk prevention in early learning centres.

Jae Fraser, The Scholars Group

Jae Fraser is Founder of The Scholars Group and he owns and also runs a group of early learning centres and is the Vice President of the ACA in Queensland. He's a passionate advocate for innovation in the sector and he joined The Early Word during the turbulent times of 2020 to share some of his insights on change and innovation.

Adrian Grundy, Murdock Education Recruitment

Adrian Grundy is the Managing Director of Murdock Education Recruitment and he joined The Early Word to explain how the the COVID pandemic is influencing recruitment and culture within the early learning sector.

Hayley's Hacks - Conversation Records

Hayley Todd is the Customer Success Manager at ChildHR helping clients take advantage of all the features of the platform. Her latest Hayley's Hacks topic is all about the benefits of regular, reliable staff conversation records.

Paul Mondo, ACA President

On this episode of The Early Word, our host Belinda Meyers chats with Paul Mondo, President of the Australian Childcare Alliance. He joined us on the podcast during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Victoria, back in August 2020 to discuss the state of the sector and offer his advice for centre operators.

Pam McLean, Child's Play Consultancy

Pam McLean is the Director of Child's Play Consultancy and an early childhood expert. We caught up with her on the Early Word to discuss dealing with change as many Australian states were coming out of the Covid crisis.

Dan Feldman, HR Legal

Dan Feldman is the Managing Partner at HR Legal, specialising in workplace relations and workplace safety law with extensive in the early learning sector. He joined us to discuss new wage legislation to take effect in Victoria in July 2021, and what centre operators need to look out for.

Hayley's Hacks - Setting Up For Success

Hayley Todd is the Customer Success Manager at ChildHR and drops in to The Early Word regularly to share her Hayley's Hacks for getting the most out of ChildHR. On this episode, Hayley talks through how to get set up effectively on the platform.

Nesha Hutchinson, Psychologist & ACA Vice President

Nesha Hutchinson is the Australian Childcare Alliance Vice President, a psychologist and she owns and operates her own early learning service. She joined The Early Word to offer some insights and advice on how to keep teams connected and engaged during challenging times.

Joe Dorfman, Notice Board Systems

On this episode of The Early Word we discuss how local area marketing can benefit early learning centres, with our guest Joe Dorfman, Sales & Marketing Director at Notice Board Systems (NBS).

Hayley's Hacks - Onboarding

Hayley Todd is the Customer Success Manager at ChildHR and our regular guest with her Hayley's Hacks segment to help get the most out of the ChildHR platform. On this episode, she takes us through how ChildHR's onboarding system provides an operational advantage for early learning services.

Hayley's Hacks - Qualifications & Certifications

Hayley Todd is the Customer Success Manager at ChildHR and our regular guest with her Hayley's Hacks segment highlighting the benefits of the ChildHR platform. On this episode it's all about qualifications & certifications.